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Our goal is to provide ‘technology of tomorrow’ to all our customers for regular price already today. Satisfaction of our customers is our Top priority, which is reached by pro-active and highly attentive customer service and supported by simple and intuitive form of application.

analyso is a business intelligence solution that is able to collect and analyze extensive amounts of retail data in order to better manage your operations. You are able to optimize your product range / merchandising, reduce slow-movers, effectively plan your employees, evaluate success of marketing promotions and other processes, which influence your business.

  • - Fast implementation of various data sources
  • - Fees are based on the size and volume of your data
  • - Application can be accessed from anywhere with an internet enabled device
  • - Comprehensive solution in a user friendly form
  • - Best value for money spent
  • - Fast return on investment
  • - Proactive and attentive customer service
  • - SaaS cloud solution

Users will entry analyso over the public internet via an encrypted SSL/HTTPS connection. The base connection to analyso requires solo factor authentication (name and password). Two factor authentication is offered for an additional setup charge.

analyso is able to collect and connect data from numerous sources – ERP / POS systems, traffic counters, inventory records, loyalty programs and many other. Data transfers from all the sources are set up during the implementation process.

You can choose from various reports and analyses that are customized specifically to current retail industry needs, which include a large variety of outputs in forms of graphs, tables, heat-maps, score-cards or charts generated from your data. We are always open to new ideas, which can move your business forward. You are able to access these reports through intuitive interface of any mobile device connected to the internet.

Costs of analyso consist of a one-time setup fee and a monthly fee. Price offer is calculated individually according to volume of data. For more information please contact support@analyso.com

In comparison with the costs of other business intelligence software or IT departments, that are responsible for collecting and processing of your data, the implementation cost and a monthly service charge of analyso is minimal. Usual return of investments is a few months after the implementation of analyso.

All data transfers are secured by Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. All accounts are secured by a user names and strong passwords created by the users. Clients' databases and sensitive data are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that undergo regular security audits.

Our customers do. At any time, customers can request to extract their data from analyso. Database extracts are only provided to individuals explicitly authorized by the customer.

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