What We Do

Data collection

With analyso, you can view all the data about your operation in one place. We collect data from all types of cash-desk providers, traffic counters, loyalty systems and we transform them to a user-friendly form for everyday use.

Data analytics

You are able to identify and analyze key performance indicators such as net sales, sold quantities, stock levels, employee performance etc. You will have total control over all aspects of your operation in easy-to-read reports.


We are able to analyze your business from point of key performance indicators, stock volume, loyalty programs or other operations and propose various steps towards improvement.

Measure results effectively with a comprehensive business intelligence overview.

Spend less time on administrative processes and more time on building your business strategy.

Store analysis

Be ready to compete

In order to improve your competitiveness, you need to know as much as possible about your business. Use detailed retail KPIs and metrics to keep your performance in perspective during the whole time.

Measure and review all store key performance indicators as net sales, gross margin, average selling price, average basket or many other business indicators. Get insights into sales patterns influenced by product assortment, promotions or pricing strategies. Analyze development of traffic and conversion rate by integrating data from traffic counters and ensure maximization of results by implementation of effective staff scheduling. Quick view of historical data can help you set new business strategies.

  • - Set targets for your employees, stores, markets
  • - Measure performance of KPIs
  • - Set motivational bonus scheme
  • - Compare individual locations
  • - Measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Product analysis

It's showtime

Products are the most important part of your business and they deserve particular attention. It is important to identify bestsellers, slow-movers, black-holes.

Compare and evaluate effectiveness of different products, markets or locations and optimize your product range and pricing strategies of selective products or categories. Plan and execute sustainable category plans on a store, supplier or market level.

  • - Identify best-selling products
  • - Analyze quality of product range
  • - Adjust pricing policy
  • - Optimize orders and re-orders
  • - Measure effectiveness of promotions and special offers
  • - Cluster your products

Customer analysis

Make them happy

Studies show that a happy customer will tell 2-3 people about his/her experience with your company. An unhappy consumer will share his/her complaint with 8-10 people.

That is the main reason why you should focus on identification and understanding of customers' needs and wants. Execute appropriate target marketing based on customer analysis and market segmentation. Utilize new marketing channels and maximize customer acquisition and loyalty. Build / strengthen customer relationship management (CRM) and let your sales to grow.

  • - Identify your key and potential customers
  • - Analyze your loyalty program
  • - Prepare special offers for your loyal customers
  • - Target your marketing
  • - Create customer database
  • - Analyze behavior of individual customers

Stock analysis

Use your space efficiently

Utilize your product potential to the maximum by using stock analysis and never be out of stock. Identify your best selling products and minimize overstocks. Implement ABC, HML, FSN analysis, optimize your cost management and improve return on investment. Plan your orders and re-orders more efficiently to be always ready to offer the best products to your customers.

  • - Identify and optimize value of stock
  • - Identify average age of products
  • - Prepare special promotions based on stock level
  • - Recognize black-holes and slow movers

Other analysis

Be the game-changer

We highly appreciate working closely with our clients and learning their unique business needs, which helps us stay current with retail needs, which enables us to move data analysis to another level. We are always ready to listen and implement new ideas, graphs, bars, pie charts, ratios, trends, dashboards and many other possibilities are waiting for you, nothing is impossible with analyso.

  • - Propose your own reports
  • - Move your business forward
  • - Share the best practices

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